Matěj Picek

I am studying in my seventh year in the Studio of Product Design where I am currently finishing my studies. In general I have always been interested in modern technology, interior design and creating 3D graphics. I like solid craftsmanship and working with traditional materials, as much as innovative approaches to design and finding untraditional solutions.

Generative Furniture

The main motivation to become involved in the subject stemmed from my long-time general interest in advanced technologies and interior design. I tried to find an interesting way of interconnecting these two areas. Via various sources of inspiration I finally arrived at the technology of generative design which is concerned with a new approach to design based on earlier optimization methods. These methods, providing a new direction in designing technical objects, were primarily invented and intended for different purposes than design. Thanks to continual progressive development they also found application in areas of industry where the appearance of the product plays an equally important role to its function. As this is still a school project, there was room for examining the potential of these design methods and their possible application in furniture making.

My goal was to become acquainted with generative design and the method of topological optimization and to employ this method to design a specific construction solution (principle). I attempted to conceive the structural solution in such a way that it would be applicable to multiple types of furniture and to unify their visual style in this way. Simultaneously, it was about finding a different approach to work with this method in designing furniture to that before with an effort to take maximum advantage of its potential with respect to its future inexpensive serial production, distribution and practical use.