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Lucia Sádecká

I have been studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts since 2014, when I enrolled in the Video Studio of Martin Zet. At the beginning of my study I concentrated on photography and the audiovisual medium. After a year-long study placement in the studio of stage and costume design at the Dresden Academy I abandoned video and work with the computer and began to spend more time at the sewing machine. I taught myself to sew and tried to use clothing as a means of self-presentation. In the studio we have always enjoyed freedom and this was even intensified after the arrival of the new tutor, Martin Mazanec. Fashion and clothing was a passion but over time it lost meaning for me. I did not want to buy material in order to produce things from it. I started to study plants and materials suitable for our climate zone. Tradition and extensive experience from the past help me and the present day living conditions and situation in the world motivate me. I cultivate flax. I live, cultivate and create.

Flax Facts (Len Len)

Flax Facts (Len Len) is about a process. One rooted in environmental issues and reflecting the processuality of the creation of a work of art. A process from produce to product, from tradition to the present day, from a memory to experience, from fast to slow, from imperfection to perfection, from impersonal to personal, from the beginning to the end. I work with textile as a classic medium, whereby I cultivate flax myself as an original and our traditional raw material for the production of textile. From the start I carefully watch it grow, care for it and patiently wait for the time of harvest and following processing. This phase is essential for me as it brings along the different procedures employed in old tried and tested technologies, in interaction with people from whom I learn the trade and who shape the whole process, add the final touches and most importantly watch from a distance how I am doing, how I succeeded, It is a personal and a technical record of a two-year effort.

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