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LOST FOCUS - FFA Graduate Exhibition 2022

In the FFA cave, a new generation of artists attempts to describe fragmented reality through the search for answers to human, interpersonal and extra-human questions.

The transition out of the cave is connected to forces that pierce the world and introduce us to the aesthetics of the advertising world, imaginary democracy, fairy-tale dreams and hallucinations, humanistic sensitivity and relationships. Followers of the light hope to find a sense of gravity and orientation. At the same time, they dream of working with technology and natural hybrids, subculture and environmental issues. They are aware of self-ironic dependence, capable of conceptual jokes and sometimes dealing with the formal aspects of subjective aesthetics.

The graduate students’ works, which have been realized in different media, are reinterpreted after their defense. Through formal and conceptual methods, the SOP curator (Studio of Photography) uses “filters, distorting mirrors, reflections and flashes” for the graduate exhibition. The curatorial way of telling a story from various fragments of the graduates’ works is sometimes poetic, sometimes metaphorical, sometimes absurd and mystical to the point of being humorous. One could say that AFO’s curatorial synergy in the process has created an unexpected synthesis of ideas that is no longer sequenced into a single narrative. A new situation has emerged that can be called Lost Focus.

The concept of presenting the work of a graduate student is closely linked to frustration and solidarity. The result is a process focused on collaboration and better mutual knowledge.

Location: House of Lords of Kunstat, Dominikánská 9, Brno
Duration: 30.06-31.07.2022, tue–sun 10–18 h
Opening: 29.06.2022 16:00

Exhibiting artists

Erika Bezárová

Matěj Boček

Tamara Conde

Polina Davydenko

Lukáš Dobeš

Dominika Dobiášová

Hana Drštičková

Jiří Ferenc

Hana Fickerová

David Holubec

Veronika Hrbáčová

Daniel Jenikovský

Dominik Konečný

Martin Dominik Kratochvíl

Kristýna Krejčová

Hana Magdoňová

Michaela Matušková

Hana Matyášová

Anna Milerová

Petr Nápravník

Daniel Nováček

Marcel Otruba

Jakub Polách

Denisa Römerová

Kamil Rujbr

Kristýna Sidlárová

Alice Šindelářová

Eva Sližová

Tamara Spalajković

Jan Staniczek

Tereza Vinklárková

Tomáš Zelený