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Adéla Venturová

A new being has been created in the Studio of Body Design from an organic body and several found synthetic materials. This being thinks ecofeministically, but at the same time is aware that it arose from pollution and the material affluence of a post-capitalist society. It has appeared at three locations and in three states. First at the Rainbow Gallery in Prostějov, then in the Polish town of Zakopane in the Wladyslaw Hasior Gallery and finally at the Kruhovka festival in Vrbová in Slovakia. It is an arrogant creature that communicates with spectators through voguing regardless of whether those around understand.

Voguing Is Not White, Honey

In my diploma work I deal with the term “naturalness”. I am interested in knowing what society considers natural and what not. For this “research“ I borrowed the Vogue dance genre invented by the trans subculture as a celebration of the otherness of sexual identities. The questions of normality and naturalness are posed through new entities that I create from found synthetic materials and my body. Artificial materials simultaneously illustrate the issue of naturalness, both in society and in the environment. The result is an assemblage, not in the sense of combining different materials but in the sense of bringing together different media, feelings, themes and thoughts, which culminate in a single whole. However, one that by its creation slowly fades out again. The result is an installation made up of disintegrating costumes that I used in the three executed performances. The installation creates an environment for a new action, specifically a dance “battle” of two newly-created beings.