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Kristýna Coufalová

I have a bachelor’s degree from Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, where I studied Fashion Design. I spent the first year at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Intermedia Studio, and the second year in the Studio of Body Design. For several years I have been doing music sets tailored to fashion designers and their shows, and working as a music director at various events. At the same time I am a DJ. My works have always balanced between art and pop culture, they are intuitive and are created based on feelings and emotions. I am interested in sound and love to wind up cables. For booking write to

Mechanical Wave of Air Particles Set to Motion by a Vibrating Body

Sound can be characterised as a mechanic wave of air particles set to motion by a vibrating body. During the wave motion energy is transferred between the particles. The title of the work alludes to the importance of live contact and interaction between people. During the coronavirus pandemic I collected poor quality sound recordings – echo, reverberation and other unwanted noise, system sounds of applications, etc. which became symbols of social isolation for myself. I created a sound collage from them which makes for uneasy listening. By installing the collage in a sound studio with perfect acoustics designed for listening in top quality and its reproduction by high quality sound equipment I create a paradox and hint at the deformation and loss of data during transmission over the internet. I also highlight the importance of sound quality during listening to music thanks to which sound perfectly passes through our body and creates a unique experience invoking moods, feelings, affects as well as changes in behaviour and is capable of affecting the physiological and vegetative functions of the human body.