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Kristína Reisová

My primary theme is the commonplace. I like to make ordinariness visible and to underline how important, delicate and negligible it is. It often runs between our fingers and we lose touch with its miracle.

I work with text. I created various objects, audio stories and sound installations. At the moment I am getting closer to artisan techniques, such as hand-made paper, wax batik and natural dyeing.

I have studied in the Studio of Body Design, and I completed a study placement in the Environmental Studio.

A Hedgehog Is Running across the Pavement

A Hedgehog is Running across the Pavement is a collection of texts about the ordinary beauty of the world, about slowing down and concentration. They are stories seen, perceived and heard by myself. Stories during which I stopped or which made me stop.

About how the sun and a plant create shade, how storks fly in circles above us, how a badger runs across in the dusk, how a pine cone falls from the tree, how cats sit in the dark, how they stroke the leaves of a plant, how a moth sits in the corner of the room, how a dog watches something in the grass, how a rainbow slick lies on the road, how they discover that under a pine tree it rains least among the trees around, how a cloud of steam hovers above the woods, how tamarind leaflets close up at night.

I write down these texts and transfer them onto hand-made paper, which I made from collected paper and plants. Using a pin I perforate story after story into them. They all gather on a round table where people can meet them and experience them by sight or touch.